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Cristy Aphimonthol

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Cristy Aphimonthol

Executive Coach

Cristy Aphimonthol has certified in so many coaching areas. She is corporate consultant, trainer and coach in so many FMCG and MNC. She is MCC (ICF), Marshall Goldsmith Stake holding Center Coaching, Tony Robbins, Dr. Sue Mortor and many more. She has more than 12,000 hours of executive coaching. Along with that She is the co-founder at Pink lotus Foundation which provide pro bono coaching, training and workshop. She is the PhD candidate for Quantum university.

With over 10 years of corporate experience as a Professional Coach, Trainer & Facilitator, Cristy has worked in multiple industries such as FMCG, telecommunications, Hospitality, Manufacturing & healthcare sectors. She has a passion for personal transformation and has been involved in Personal and Professional Development in Organization.

AS NLP and ICF provider, She certified and do the executive coaching for many FMCG and MNC such as Bluescope, Griffith, SCCC, Hershee, Tesco lotus, Careful and many more

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