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Connie Pheiff

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Connie Pheiff

Executive Coach

Meet Connie, an inspiring executive coach and mentor who is dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams and live better lives. Since 2006, Connie has been on a journey of personal growth, becoming a millionaire and documenting the valuable lessons learned along the way. Today, she shares her hard-earned wisdom with lifestyle-preneurs, guiding them to build million-dollar businesses with greater ease and less stress. Connie believes that success starts with a simple mindset shift, encouraging her clients to change their habits, be kinder to themselves, and embrace their greatness. Through her raw and rewarding coaching style, she empowers her clients to transform their brands into highly sought-after influencers, unlocking their true potential. Connie's mission is to create opportunities and deliver world-class talent for world-class brands, enabling her clients to shine across various disciplines and global platforms. With Connie as their coach, clients discover that their dreams are within reach, and their journey to success is both empowering and fulfilling.

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