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Cara Jean Wilson

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Cara Jean Wilson

Executive Coach

Cara Jean Wilson is a transformational Executive Coach and accomplished leader, specializing in helping individuals in leadership roles catalyze profound personal and professional breakthroughs. Her coaching approach is centered on guiding leaders to revolutionize their own worlds by harnessing their innate expertise and embarking on powerful "Oh duh" moments of clarity. With a unique blend of coaching prowess and leadership insight, Cara empowers her clients to realize their true potential and make significant positive changes.

Cara's coaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that every individual is already an expert within themselves. Her mission is to unveil this inherent wisdom through breakthrough coaching conversations. As the founder of TakingCARABusiness, she brings a wealth of experience to the table, ranging from business consulting and project management to leadership development and coaching. With a strong focus on areas like STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and positive leadership, Cara is a guiding force for those seeking holistic growth.

Her engagement in the Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit and other impactful events underscores her commitment to inspiring change on a global scale. Cara's insightful posts and talks delve into various aspects of leadership, coaching, and personal development, addressing crucial topics such as perception, growth, and the essential balance between work and health.

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