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Anuj Ojha

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Anuj Ojha

Executive Coach

Anuj M Ojha is an Agile Consultant and co-founder at Benzne, a firm with a vision to heal broken processes and propagate an agile mindset to drive customer success. With a focus on creating a free-thinking culture, Anuj is dedicated to helping customers become the best version of themselves and achieve their goals. His approach involves simplification through training, coaching, regular health checks, and collaborative discussions, which sometimes take shape over coffee or beer.

Anuj's expertise lies in change, mindset, and leadership, and he frequently shares his insights on these topics. He is a thought leader who believes in the power of an agile mindset to drive transformation and growth. With a background in Agile methodologies, he champions the importance of managing and prioritizing the flow of work through objectives and autonomous teams.

As a co-founder at Benzne, Anuj is actively involved in the hiring process, seeking individuals who are aligned with the company's values and committed to solving real problems. He values authenticity and is passionate about building a team that shares the same dedication to making a meaningful impact.

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