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Anubha Walia

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Anubha Walia

Executive Coach

Dr.Anubha Walia, Founder of Prism World Pvt Ltd, is a prolific L&D professional, Executive Coach, Behavioral Trainer, Yoga & Wellness Expert with rich dossier of two decades experience, engaged in various Human Process Intervention at National & International level, is a creator of PRISM™ PHILOSOPHY, has empowered 60000+ professional, clocking ~160,000 man-hours of interventions leading to Case studies published on Anubha & her Prism Philosophy because of her focus on Inclusion and empowerment at global platforms in Emerald & Wiley publications.

Her experience with Honeywell, ICICI Bank, where she was heading L&D & Quality vertical; made her stands tall with her rich education background with an honors degree from LSR College, Masters in Commerce & PhD, became the first lady in India who actively engaged in research work on Followership. She has 30 research papers & case studies and authored two book 'Fundamentals of Research’ and 500 Powerful Coaching Questions for professionals and budding coaches to her credit.

She is recipient of the:

-Emerging Women Leader Award by ESN Publication, National Women Excellence award by Vishakha & National Youth and National Women parliament on SDG 2022;

-Global Femina Entrepreneur Award by Dr.Kalams Intl Foundation 2022;

-Best case study(twice) - pedagogical innovation award by FIIB in Intl Katastasi conference 2021, 2022;

-Female Entrepreneur Achievers Award by Delhi Management Association 2021;

-EHRD thinker award (thrice Gold Medalist) for 5 consecutive years by ISTD 2012,2013, 2014 ;

Presently she is Transforming people in over 5 countries training and coaching C-suites, high-level executives having association with 50+ corporates including global Fortune 500 companies in TQM, Coaching, Change Engagement & Learning and HR analytics.

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