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Anita Sachdev

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Anita Sachdev

Executive Coach

An Intercultural Consultant, Leadership Coach and a Thought Partner, I am able to develop authenticity in my coachees increasing their visibility and strengthening their presence so that they can grow their influence and impact. As a globally seasoned business professional and an Award Winning ICF-PCC certified coach with four decades of work experience across multiple industries, geographies and cultures, I am able to inspire life transitions, ignite ambition and propel growth. more effective leaders globally and locally.

My facilitation style combines patience and perceptiveness delivering balance and insight within a safe and supportive environment. I believe in 1) giving people permission to do something different, to make different choices and align to the true essence of who they are 2) supporting individuals and teams to be inner directed leaders with a growth mindset.

Coach senior executives and middle managers on the success triad: Leadership, Performance and Communication. While I coach and facilitate programs also inspire, educate and enable professionals to reclaim their relationship with ambition and personal power while giving a clear voice to their authentic leadership style. I coach using neuroscience and NLP based creative approaches for clients to explore new ways of thinking and being to transform themselves into dynamic, confident decision makers.

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