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Angela Cusack

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Angela Cusack

Executive Coach

Angela is an internationally recognized Master Certified Coach, accredited Coaching Supervisor, and an accredited Team Coach and Team Coaching supervisor, who is skilled in working with multi-cultural leadership teams and global organizations. Leveraging her 25-years of corporate experience along with her Master’s in Education & Human and Organizational Learning from George Washington University, Angela collaborates with executives and their teams to fundamentally redesign their approach to leading: one that is generative with a sharp focus on the value of people and “doing well by doing good.”

Angela has dedicated her life to helping others discover their true selves. Yet the discovery is only the beginning. The real work begins when she dares her clients to step into the “space between”, where they learn the power of experiencing experiences as they occur. A transformative remembrance of our undeniable intrinsic connection to nature and the world. This infusion of self with nature reconnects us to our universal creativity, resilience, and renewal where we can reimagine the possible. It’s this approach, in her work with CEOs and executive teams from across the globe, that has them refer to her as "Organization’s Secret Weapon”.

Angela’s debut book, Discover the Matrix: Integrity, The Hallmark of Leadership, will be available January 2023.

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