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Andrea Singsaas

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Andrea Singsaas

Executive Coach

Andrea McNamara Singsaas, MBA, PMP, is an exceptional Executive Coach and renowned Keynote Speaker with a reputation for being a Top Leadership Voice in the industry. With a passion for leadership development and a track record of empowering individuals and organizations, Andrea has carved an impactful niche in the realm of executive coaching.

As the visionary founder and CEO of The Tyne Group, Andrea's dedication to fostering growth and change through effective leadership development is evident in her every endeavor. With over 15 years of versatile experience spanning industries like non-profit, engineering, manufacturing, higher education, and healthcare, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her coaching practice. Her expertise in project management, problem solving, and communication has solidified her position as a trusted guide for leaders seeking to enhance their skills and make a significant impact.

Andrea's coaching journey is marked by excellence and recognition. Her award-winning status as an executive coach stems from her remarkable ability to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds and sectors, including prominent names like Target, MIT, Accenture, and the Department of Defense. Her coaching philosophy revolves around providing a 10,000-foot view that transcends the limitations of the immediate situation. She offers candid feedback, genuine guidance, and a commitment to her clients' success.

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