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Ajay Ramakrishnan

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Ajay Ramakrishnan

Executive Coach

Career success, pay hikes and promotability are the desire of all focused individuals. The challenges & dynamic trends of the workplace demand continuous evolution.

To maximise growth, profits & success, organisations evolve, develop executives, synergise teams and thrive in a culture of ongoing learning & development. Let's work together for success.

Using work experiences & learnings from organisations like Microsoft, Accenture, SAP, The Manipal Group, Titan, IBM, ITC, JPMC, BCG, Indian Oil Corporation and others, along with globally acclaimed certifications from Marshall Goldsmith, The Global Coach Group, Daniel Goleman & Dr Richard Bandler, I help individuals & organisations achieve measurable growth, increase profits and achieve success. To this, I also leverage dynamic leadership skills that I learned from over 2 decades of combat leadership in the Army, including flying helicopter combat missions during the Kargil war.

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