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Vera Jones

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Vera Jones

Career Coach

Meet Vera Jones, a highly accomplished Motivational Speaker, Certified Mediator, and Conflict Resolution Trainer with a passion for empowering individuals in their careers. With expertise in Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Empathic Communication, and Work-Life Solutions, she is a renowned specialist in Public Speaking and Career Coaching.

As the founder of Vera's VoiceWorks, LLC, Vera has been making a profound impact on the lives of professionals since 2008. Her coaching philosophy revolves around the belief that successful career growth is not just about skills and qualifications, but also about mastering interpersonal dynamics and conflict management in the workplace.

Vera's coaching style is rooted in the concept of "Classes for Clashes" - providing 1:1 Conflict Resolution & Communication Training. She excels at helping individuals navigate unmanageable personality clashes and address conflicts effectively, all while reducing stress and drama in professional settings.

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