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Tina Collins

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Tina Collins

Career Coach

Tina Collins, PCC, is a trusted and award-winning coach and consultant renowned for her expertise in helping executives and their teams make better, more timely decisions that align with personal and professional goals. With a wealth of experience spanning corporate, private, government, and non-profit sectors, Tina is an influential figure in the fields of corporate culture, personal development, leadership development, performance improvement, and organizational development.

Tina's coaching and consulting services are backed by her extensive background and a blend of Business Administration and Psychology. Her unique approach is designed to empower clients to dream big, overcome obstacles, explore new opportunities, and unlock their full potential. She holds a track record of remarkable achievements and has received accolades for her contributions, including the 2017 Gold Quill Award for transforming municipal executive planning through a Market Intelligence system and the Commander's Commendation Award for fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the Royal Canadian Air Force.

As a skilled and dedicated coach, Tina specializes in leadership and personal development, organizational development, strategic communication, performance management, and scenario planning. She provides executive coaching, team building, interview preparation, leadership development, and change management services.

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