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Tay Boon Peng

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Tay Boon Peng

Career Coach

A Coaching advocate who believes that conversational mastery imparts intrinsic and instrumental value to peoples' lives.

In my coaching journey, I have enabled professionals from various walks of life experience paradigm shifts in their perspective, experience empowerment and accomplish significant breakthroughs in career growth and realignment.

As a Career Coach, I often observe a disconnect between their perceived issues and the actual issues faced in the pursuit of their one's careers. Living within a bounded frame restricts one's ability to adopt a broader perspective and identify underlying conflicts and barriers, often buried beneath layers of frustrations and disappointment.

Through my encounters and experiences, I have learned to value honesty towards oneself. It is not uncommon for people to measure their own value as a result of the environmental and societal norms expected of them. They may chase after prestige or social status to validate their worth in society, and are often tied up with stresses from numerous commitments and responsibilities that may lead them to make sub-optimal decisions. However, I believe that self-worth should not be defined by the perceptions of others, but be defined by oneself because we are the one attach meaning to something. It is important to face our own emotions and values with honesty, and not allow them to be invalidated or suppressed by external factors.

Through my coaching journey, I strive to accelerate the self-discovery process through my 3C's of coaching to simplify and decouple career-related issues. By uncovering limiting beliefs and building congruency between the conscious and subconscious mind, I develop the inner confidence and resolve within one to pursue and experience a fulfilling career.

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