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Sharon Seet

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Sharon Seet

Career Coach

Sharon Seet is a dedicated coaching professional who firmly believes in the transformative power of coaching for every individual's talent and potential. With a profound understanding that even the most accomplished leaders benefit from guidance, comradery, and reflective listening, Sharon excels in providing actionable feedback to support her clients' growth.

Specializing in dynamic leadership styles, career transitions, and behavioral leadership, Sharon assists first-time managers, middle management, and senior leadership in setting and executing their visions. Her coaching approach not only leads to higher profitability and strengthened stakeholder relationships but also fosters a new mindset that expands her clients' capacity for success.

In her coaching practice, Sharon co-creates organizations that prioritize continual development and profitability by embracing the habit of learning. With a commitment to meeting her clients where they are and working collaboratively towards their goals, Sharon offers transformative growth, enhanced leadership skills, and a pathway to lasting success.

Every talent needs a coach\" as our clients have experienced firsthand, even the highest-achieving leaders need comradery, reflective listening, and applicable feedback in their corner. Leaders who work with us can expect to not only achieve higher profitability and strengthen relationships with shareholders, but to also gain a new mindset and widen their capacity. By leveraging my dynamic mastery of leadership styles, career transitions and behavioral leadership, I help first-time managers, middle management and senior leadership set and execute a vision. We view coaching as a space to co-create an organization that sets our clients, and their stakeholders, up for continual development and profitability through learning new habits

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