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Sarah Anthony

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Sarah Anthony

Career Coach

I certified as a coach in 2007 and have been delivering 1:1 coaching and coach training since that time. In 2015, my business partner, at North Point Academy, and I co-developed the Certificate in Professional Coaching, a public coach development programme that is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Since that time, our alumni have grown globally with physical offices in both the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. We have delivered our coaching programmes, both accredited and non-accredited, to the public and within organisations.

Building transformational communities living from the inside-out is the primary purpose of North Point Academy (NPA). The methods and tools we've developed come from our own experience of wanting to see greater impact and meaning in our own lives.

Being able to deliver coaching that converts into results. requires us to work on ourselves and our coaching programmes help you to develop from the inside out, to become alive to yourself and in doing so, awake to others.

Our programmes have proven themselves, over and over, so you can have confidence as you explore what it means to "come alive to yourself".

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