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Ryan Nicholas Leong

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In local news, overseas business news, promotional videos, podcasts and articles from a diverse host of educational institutions, social enterprises and interest groups. I bridge the gap between ignorance and championship of life through design.


As a youth coach, my X factor is evolving youth into the GENIUS Generation that gives!

In every conversation, my mindset is focused on giving you:

1. Precise direction out of the noise, based on tried and tested models.

2. Psychological safety to encourage stepping out of comfort zones.

Leveraging stark lessons gleaned from journeys of childhood cancer, leadership challenges, career services and trailblazing design education, my global purpose of delivering quality education (UN SDG No. 4) to youth rings true with a creative spark.

And I’m especially sensitive to the concerns adults have about the state of their youth’s lives in the 21st Century. Will they continue to thrive once we are gone?


As Singapore’s first GENIUS Generation Youth Coach for youths 16-20 years old, I empower them to create a lifestyle of opportunities in their prime, without wasting time and granting you, parents and teachers, much desired peace of mind!

By raising my consciousness daily through programmes with top leaders, perfecting pedagogy processes and creating wisdom-connections, I have created a 6-month online coaching youth programme filled with gamification and worldwide case studies – evolving youth into creative problem solvers and confident designers of their own lives.

I have also attracted partnerships with diverse companies, where I enjoy teaching:

1. Design thinking for primary school children and youths.

2. Flow & career coaching for polytechnic and Junior College youths.

3. Social entrepreneurship for polytechnic and university young adults.


Ryan prides himself as a lifelong learner, upgrading his skills (Flow-builder) to create a world of difference that matters (Worldbuilder).

A certified Flow Consultant, Design Thinking Specialist and Educator, he imparts his polymath education of versatile skillsets, having mentored hundreds of children and young adults in developing their creative consciousness, so as to solve wicked problems and thrive in the VUCA 21st century's imagination age and creator economy. He believes strongly in creative thinking, and building inspiring worlds through powerful ideas and compelling stories. How does he do it? From taking the bull by the horns, getting hands-on and boots on the ground.

Ryan Nicholas Leong

Career Coach

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