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Roxana Radulescu

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Roxana Radulescu

Career Coach

Roxana Radulescu is a visionary career coach and leadership expert dedicated to transforming corporate team leaders and startup co-founders into empowered "Dream Bosses" who foster thriving Dream Teams. With a passion for leadership and team development, Roxana brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her coaching practice, helping individuals unlock their full leadership potential and create positive, impactful workplaces.

Roxana's journey in the realm of professional development and coaching spans over 15 years, during which she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to empowering others. Her background includes working in prestigious international law firms and leading global Learning & Development functions, giving her a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and the intricacies of building high-performing teams.

As a Certified Learning & Development and HR Practitioner (CIPD), Roxana has honed her skills in understanding individual and team needs, fostering growth, and creating strategies for long-term success. Her coaching philosophy centers around the idea that leadership growth is a continuous journey, built upon collaboration, mentorship, and embracing diverse perspectives.

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