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Norazlinnah Zulkifli

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Norazlinnah Zulkifli

Career Coach

Norazlinnah has experienced working with the Rank and File, Professional, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) who needs guidance for career development or need assistance functioning in a workplace.

Norazlinnah is a dedicated Career Coach/Mentor with proven track records since 2007 when she started her career as a Case Management Officer.

A competent individual with excellence interpersonal and communication skills, strategic and tactical planning, operations management, strategic partnerships, revenue growth, project management

programs and services, resource planning, process improvements and cost control, budget analysis, agile and innovative.

She has the ability to inspire, influence and motivate individual while discovering their strengths and work on the areas of improvements. In addition, she will establish what works best for the individuals.

She has taken up various roles and responsibilities to lead diverse team include Outreach & Engagement Department (Career Advisors & Community Events) and Business Development, Marketing and Communications functions.

Norazlinnah is a visionary leader who will inspire individuals to believe nothing is impossible. She led her team with passion and always bring out the best in them.

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