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Neshica Bheem

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Neshica Bheem

Career Coach

Neshica Bheem is the founder and director of Coachfluence, a start-up coaching and consulting services firm (launched in 2020) focused on individual and organizational performance improvement and growth solutions.

With over 20 years of experience in business analysis, coaching and learning consulting she has been serving clients in her capacity as leader, coach and consultant. Neshica spent 10 years at a leading telecommunications provider, where she was the manager of the business support unit. Prior to that she worked in Financial Services and at a Consulting company as a learning and development consultant. Neshica leverages her in-depth learning and development background as well as business analysis experience for the benefit of enhancing individual performance as a business and executive coach. Her vision is to help and support managers realize and release their potential as leaders to positively impact their organizations, society and the world.


skilled in connecting with people to guide them in rising to meet their potential.

AN EXPERIENCED MANAGER who is approachable, focused on goal

oriented coaching and results, enabler for self discovery and learning with her clients.

PASSIONATE ABOUT PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT and creating the correct environment for

sustained growth in her employees and clients, using reflection, introspection and

perspective, to deliver results and change.

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