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Lynda Bayada

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Lynda Bayada

Career Coach

Lynda Bayada is an accomplished Coach, Facilitator, Educator, and former Corporate Project Manager with a dedication to driving sustainable and transformative change within individuals and organizations. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Lynda specializes in one-on-one professional and transitional coaching, dynamic group facilitation, team building, and the strategic utilization of various coaching and self-awareness tools to elevate the coaching experience.

In her role as a Certified Coach at CoachHub - The digital coaching platform, Lynda is a valued member of CoachHub, the European market leader in digital coaching. Her role within the global pool of over 3000 coaches involves coaching in multiple languages and helping individuals and teams achieve their best through personalized live coaching sessions conducted via video conferencing. She excels in preparing managers for effective leadership, enhancing team performance, and fostering personal and professional growth among employees. Lynda's exceptional feedback rating of 4.96/5 as of January 2023 stands as a testament to her coaching prowess.

Additionally, as a Success Coach at the Australian Institute of Management, Lynda plays a pivotal role in the retention and progression of AIM Business School MBA students. She supports around 50 new students every term cycle, offering academic consultation, personalized learning plans, and coaching support tailored to individual learning styles.

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