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Leyda Lazo, MCC

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Leyda Lazo, MCC

Career Coach

Leyda Lazo, SHRM-SCP, MCC, is a visionary Leadership Coach, HR Consultant, and accomplished author who has dedicated her career to fostering growth, development, and transformation in individuals and organizations. With over a decade of experience in the field, Leyda's coaching journey reflects a profound commitment to equipping professionals with the tools to achieve their fullest potential.

As the Founder and CEO of Human Capital Consultants International (HCCI), Leyda has established herself as a leading force in global HR consulting. Her consultancy empowers organizations to achieve excellence by providing tailored HR solutions and Leadership Development programs. Through her comprehensive range of services, from HR consulting and executive coaching to leadership development and cultural transformation, Leyda's impact spans across industries and continents.

Leyda's coaching methodology draws from a wealth of foundational knowledge, including humanistic psychology, neurolinguistic programming, and systemic coaching. This holistic approach enables her to guide individuals in unlocking their capabilities, enhancing their leadership skills, and achieving profound personal growth.

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