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Iulia Neicovcean

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At this time I've made achievements as such as:

*I've managed a company for 7 years with a turnover of $16m per year.

*I've become a Commercial Director in a Top Real Estate company.

*I launched the company from 0 and for the first month it went on sale in 90k dirhams, the company is now bringing in 250k dirhams steadily.

*I've become Coach of the year 2021 for the Middle East and Africa and Business coach - 3rd place for the same region

*Got x4 in sales for the year in the Company I managed.

*My students bought off the cost of the course only in the first week of the training.

I moved to Dubai in 2013 and I have spent most of my time since then involved in a Real Estate with 5 years as a Commercial Director running a large team of brokers. This was where I realized my passion for training and helping agents become successful.

As the number of my students grew - I've managed and trained over 2000 salespeople - I had plenty of time and opportunities to work with my own perspectives and productivity. I've developed a personal sales technique, which increased conversion from lead to deal up to 20%. Graduated "Grant Cardone University of Sales.

As an indicative result, I can cite as an example that I've conducted more than 4000 job interviews per year.

I am from Moldova where I grew up and completed my education - graduated with a degree in Finance banking.

In my spare time, I love to write business articles that are published through social media channels as such organizations as World Business Playbook.

Also, I am an avid reader so I managed to read at least 50 books per year. Apart from reading I love to watch films and spend time relaxing on the beach or next to the swimming pool, traveling and visiting my friends and family perfectly managing my work, business and my free time.

Iulia Neicovcean

Career Coach

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