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Helen Morphew

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Helen Morphew

Career Coach

Helen Morphew is a dedicated and experienced professional and personal coach, specializing in helping individuals navigate career transitions, boost self-confidence, and shape their future paths. With a passion for empowering people to achieve their full potential, Helen brings nearly two decades of international Human Resources expertise to her coaching practice.

Having held senior HR roles across diverse sectors such as financial, insurance, and professional services, Helen understands the complexities of the modern workplace. She's not just a coach; she's been in the shoes of the professionals she serves. Her journey includes overcoming challenges like burnout, career crossroads, and moving continents, which adds a layer of relatability to her coaching approach.

Helen's coaching philosophy centers around supporting professionals in transforming their careers from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to embracing excitement and empowerment. She focuses on helping individuals gain clarity, direction, and self-assurance to create sustainable outcomes at any stage of their careers.

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