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Gladys Tan

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Gladys Tan

Career Coach

Gladys started her career running global marketing communication campaigns with various MNCs for about 9 years. She got bored one day and decided to take a break. She has had a fair share of meeting recruiters during this period and decided no one knows her job better than she did.

Went into regional search business. In the next 5+ years, it's all about networking, dine, coffee and knowing new people - fun!

She got bored 3 years ago. At that time, IPG knocked on her door. She was given the chance to set up, develop recruitment strategy and framework - exciting!

Starting the new decade, Gladys decides to follow her heart - to play with makeup in the ever-changing world of Travel Retail with Shiseido.

Gladys firmly believes that at the core of every organisation, is happy and committed employee. Money is important, interest in loving what you do sustains in long run. Gladys envisions this as her daily motto at work - to bring happy talents into the organisation. On the corporate front, Gladys views employer branding and talent acquisition as an important synergy when driving recruitment strategy in building talent pipelines in the market. Both have to go hand-in-hand.

Outside work, Gladys is known among her peers as an avid fashion lover.

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