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Eve Loo

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Eve Loo

Career Coach

Being a Positive Psychology practitioner and Positive psychology coach, I brings along a unique set of talent, skill, and knowledge in growing my role beyond an Executive Assistant. I provides my expertise to bosses and the people I work with to build a positive organization and have the core of happiness and well-being at heart for the people. I have a sense of mastery and competence in managing the environment; controlling a complex array of external activities, effectively using surrounding opportunities; and choosing or creating contexts suitable to personal needs and values.

I cultivate positive relationships and engagement with people and provides valuable support to people I work with. Having people and the purpose of driving happiness in the workplace, I promotes positive psychology in my daily work regardless of the role by title.

In my own way of definition, I am a Positive Business Partner who helps people to think through their happiness and well-being while at the same time flourishing and understanding their purpose and meaning in life.

I am a a trusted advisor and agent of change across the organization. I think like a strategic and executive partner to my leadership in business. Having the identity & role as a positive psychology coach and practitioner, I will spar with the leader on creating an inclusive and engaging work environment for the employees. I provide excellent employee experience in the workplace and connects with the various leader and partners in creating the right environment for people to be in. I am a trusted Executive People Partner who everyone loves and counts on because I provide a great positive impact on the organization.

In the space of Positive Organization Psychology consultancy and Positive Psychology Coach, I customize and create leadership and team workshops for professionals and companies on positive development and well-being. I help individuals or leaders think through their own happiness and well-being, understanding their own purpose, vision, and goal accomplishment through coaching.

Providing multiple pathways of Positive Psychology intervention such as Team Resilience and collective development using Lego®Serious Play® methodology, Creative and Team engagement training, and courage activities.

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