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Elena Dolmat

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Elena Dolmat

Career Coach

My Coaching Philosophy is: “I am here to unleash your inner diamond, help you start

living your best life and to build your bright future!”

I am a successful and pro-active mom of two boys, living and working in Malaysia, originally from Belarus. I climbed Kilimanjaro, lived and worked in different regions, such as Africa, Central Asia, Europe. Thanks to coaching I made a lot of successful personal and work decisions that increased the quality of my life. I never stop learning and apply lifelong learning approach across my life path.

I am a Certified and Professional Coach of International Coaching Community (UK), Professional Metacognitive Programming Coach, Fellow Member CIPD (UK).

I have an extensive coaching practice and expertise with different clients, such as: World Health Organization, Unilever, Orange Business Services, Heinz, Conde Nast, Wargaming, Owns Corning, AbbVie, Nike, Solvay, Exinity Groupe etc.

In coaching I help my clients to:

  • Identify and deeply explore personal strengths and growth areas in different dimensions

  • Identify and investigate limitations leading to inaction

  • Explore and change thinking patterns

  • Unleash potential and make the most of strengths for personal and professional change

  • Formulate positive goals

  • Find motivation and inspiration

  • Determine the resource state and use it for change and goals achievement.


Thanks to coaching my clients increase their mindfulness of what is happening, build their own trajectory of development, determine their mission, define career scenarios, identify their values that help them making important life and professional decisions, identify and mobilize strong qualities to implement important and desirable actions and behaviours in their personal life and work.

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