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Dr. Rey B. Fremista

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Dr. Rey B. Fremista

Career Coach

Dr. Rey Fremista is a distinguished thought leader in the fields of Quality, Process Excellence, Digital Transformation, Leadership Development, and Analytics. With a remarkable career spanning numerous accomplishments and recognitions, he has firmly established himself as a driving force in guiding individuals and organizations towards success.

As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a certified practitioner in various disciplines, including Digital Transformation and Six Thinking Hats by de Bono, Dr. Rey Fremista possesses a unique blend of expertise that allows him to craft innovative strategies for process improvement, quality enhancement, and transformational leadership.

Dr. Fremista's impact extends beyond his certifications. He is recognized as an Assessor of the Global Performance Excellence Award and holds the role of Lead Assessor for the Philippine Quality Challenge (PQC) and Philippine Quality Award (PQA). His dedication to excellence is further showcased by his appearances as a Resource Speaker, Keynote Speaker, and Judge-Assessor in both local and international conferences.

Among his numerous accolades and awards, Dr. Fremista has been honored as one of the Philippines' Top 30 Leaders on LinkedIn and received the Innovation Practitioner of the Year award.

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