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Bipin Dayal

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Bipin Dayal

Career Coach

Bipin Dayal is a distinguished Board Member and Managing Director with a robust background in corporate governance, strategic leadership, and driving transformative change. With a dynamic career spanning multiple domains and industries, Bipin excels in steering organizations towards sustainable success and fostering innovation.

Currently at CData Software India, Bipin holds the role of Managing Director, where he has been instrumental in setting up and overseeing India operations. His expertise in corporate governance, board of directors' leadership, and product development has been pivotal in shaping the trajectory of the organization. Under his guidance, CData Software India has thrived, leveraging innovative products and solutions to address complex connectivity challenges.

Bipin's journey also includes his tenure as Managing Partner at Daksaa, a CData Company, where he played a vital role in driving digital transformation initiatives. His adeptness in overseeing product engineering, partner management, and sales initiatives has been critical to the company's success. With a keen focus on customer problems and a realistic approach, Bipin has led his team to offer impactful solutions that facilitate customers' digital transformation journeys.

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