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Angie M. Callen

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Angie M. Callen

Career Coach

Angie M Callen is a visionary leader and the founder of Career Benders, a trailblazing career coaching and professional development service provider. With a passion for helping individuals unlock their true potential and find fulfillment in their careers, Angie has revolutionized the way people approach their professional journeys.

Since its establishment in 2018, Career Benders has soared to great heights under Angie's guidance, emerging as one of the foremost authorities in career coaching, resume writing, and job search strategy in the United States. Through a unique life-centric approach, Angie and her team empower individuals to design the life they desire and discover a career that aligns seamlessly with their aspirations.

Angie's expertise stems from her background as a former engineer, which enables her to specialize in working with high-achieving executives and professionals in the fields of high-tech, IT, and STEM. Her deep understanding of these industries allows her to provide invaluable guidance and support to mid-level managers seeking to elevate their careers or explore the path of entrepreneurship.

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