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Ana Maria Velica

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Ana Maria Velica

Career Coach

Ana-Maria Velica is a visionary Leadership and Career Mentor who has left a profound mark on the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). With a career journey that embodies transformation and empowerment, Ana-Maria has established herself as a sought-after coach, coach EMCC, and an expert in the fields of DEI, procurement, and supply chain management. Her impact extends from her role as Founder at Green Apples Career™ to her influential presence as a Public Speaker.

Ana-Maria's passion for DEI led her to found Green Apples Career™, a career mentoring hub with a heart and purpose to accelerate the DE&I efforts of organizations. Her innovative approach equips people leaders with critical mentoring skills, fostering inclusivity, diversity, and the personal and professional growth of individuals. Her dedication to equity and equal opportunities has brought her into the forefront of transforming organizational cultures, creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

With an impressive background in top global corporations, Ana-Maria has over two decades of expertise in Diversity and Inclusion, Career Management, Procurement, and Supply Chain. She's been at the helm of supply chain nutrition and commercial procurement roles, leaving her mark on organizations like Nestlé, where she spearheaded transformative initiatives and drove impactful change.

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